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Main Idea

How It Works

This tool is made by VBA(Visual Basic for Application), especially with Microsoft Excel.

Whole process is divided by two parts; pre-migration, and migration.

In pre-migration part, you need to bring database to excel. There are several types of database such as MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle, mySQL, etc., and most of them has a way to export their data to other format like csv or xls. After exporting excel, you need to cleansing data to fit into SDS.

In migration part, you should attach a released migration toolkit vba file on your excel file. When you run the code, application ask you about your SDS account information(ID, Password) and authority name to create. A migration toolkit automatically generates bulk data xml file fomatted in SSDS XML format and call st.exe Admin Utility from Microsoft SQL Data Services SDK, and ask create authority, containers, and entities.


pre-Migration Process

Migration Process

post-Migration Process

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